Tuyên Quang, a livable land in the north of Việt Nam

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Tuyên Quang, a land is livable with a mild climate and splendid sceneries, ideal for easiness in the north of Việt Nam. Apart from discovery and experiencing tourism, this place found great potential for investment in high quality agriculture and processing industries.

 Being 140 km far from Hà Nội, Tuyên Quang has an important strategic position and is the meeting point between Northeast and Northwest of Việt Nam. Its position like a bridge connecting provinces in the northern delta and northern mountainous provinces, with convenient transportation axes. It is 120 km from Nội Bài International Airport and 260 km from Hải Phòng seaport.
Tuyên Quang has a natural area of 5,867 square kilometers and a population of over 760 thousand people. The labor structure occupies more than 65% of the total provincial population, of which the trained workforce accounts for over 48%. ensuring the supplies of high quality human resources for investment projects in the province.

Tuyen Quang city. Photo: Internet

With favorable conditions, weather and climate, Tuyên Quang has the potentiality and strengths for socioeconomic development. It has rich natural resources. The area of agricultural, forestry and forestry land accounts for 88.23% of the natural area. The quality of land is fertile. Over 50% of the area is hilly, which can give large areas of cultivation. Specially, the area of over 7 thousand ha of oranges gives an annual yield of about 100 thousand tons of oranges. The area of forest land and the area of forested land are over 130,000 ha, the density of forest coverage is over 64%, providing a stable source of timbers for the fine processing industry. In addition, Tuyên Quang has many rivers and lakes, especially Na Hang lake with an area of over 8,000 hectares of water surface and Chiêm Hóa hydropower reservoir is a source of aquaculture with specialty fish species. The province has planned and built production areas, invested in the construction of technical infrastructure, applied science in agricultural production, contributing to improving productivity and quality of agricultural products.
Tourism is found great potential here with three types: historical tourism, resort and ecotourism. As the land of the Việt Namese revolution's provenience, Tuyên Quang has 500 historical cultural sites. Others are natural and wild scening landscapes associated with the local people's rich cultural nuances. Having the potential in ecotourism, Tuyên Quang is much attractive to tourists.
The province is well known for its 41,000 ha nature reserve, whose record for UNESCO's recognition as a World Natural Heritage Site has been proceeded. Another is Mỹ Lâm hot spring, the best source of hot water in Việt Nam, providing services for resort and medical treatments. This place is a hidden gem waiting to be awakened with capabilities being one of the harmony resorts close to nature of Việt Nam and other countries in the region.
It is also the origin, convergence and meeting point of cultural nuances. The unique traditional festivals create a Tuyên Quang in colors. Of which, Thành Tuyên Festival is the largest and most unique festival in Việt Nam annually held in lunar August. Tuyên Quang's tourism sector is going forward, it is the right time for travelers to discover and experience its landscapes.
Promoting its advantages and potential, Tuyên Quang is proactively hailing investment into the province. It has been focusing on improving its infrastructure, issuing open policies to promote cooperation and development, strengthening reforms of administrative procedures, committing to reduction of at least 30% of the time for administrative procedures; It often holds talks with enterprises through various chanels in order to understand and promptly solve their obstacles. In doing this, Tuyên Quang has attracted many investors. So far, there are 211 projects have been granted investment certificates, with a total registered capital of over 27,169 billion VND. Now, the province has also become a striking place for investment from large corporations in Việt Nam and some Korean and Chinese investors.
There are two key industrial zones in the province have been planned, namely Long Bình An Industrial Zone, with an area of 170 hectares and Sơn Nam industrial zone, with an area of 150 hectare; others are industrial clusters in Na Hang, Chiêm Hóa, Hàm Yên and Tuyên Quang districts. These have been built synchronously in order to welcome investors.
Now, Tuyên Quang is calling for investment in hi-tech agriculture, agriculture and forest product processing, construction material production, auxiliary industries, advanced technologies, clean and green industries, and tourism sector. Till 2020, it expects to attract investment in over 60 big projects in fields of industry, agriculture, tourist and infrastructure development in the province.
Tuyên Quang endeavors to become a reliable, sincere and potential destination, creating opportunities for investors with the shibboleth: "Tuyên Quang develops, enterprises flourish".

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