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Tuyen Quang is a mountainous province, located between the northeast and northwest, bordering the provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Ha Giang and is 140km from Hanoi Capital to the north

Tuyen Quang has arteries connecting the northeast and northwest provinces. With terrain that stretches from north to south, Tuyen Quang has a long history of formation in association with the evolution of the residing ethnic communities (Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao, Mong, San Chay, Cao Lan...). Each ethnic group has their own unique features of cultural identity and distinctive impression. All have created a vivid and colourful picture of Tuyen Quang.



The climate of Tuyen Quang is divided into 4 evident seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Good composition of the soil here facilitates industrial works and infrastructure.

Land and climate of Tuyen Quang are very suitable for the development of crops and livestock, especially industrial crops, fruit trees as well as large-scale livestock and poultry rearing. Tuyen Quang possesses diversifed natural resources, including the relatively dense network of rivers with an evenly-distributed density of 0.9km/km2. In recent years, the flood control dykes, the irrigation and drainage system of Tuyen Quang Province have been is basically completed; therefore, annually, it is hardly affected by natural disasters as storms and floods, which helps ensure production and business activities in the province.



There are 07 administrative units in the province, including: Tuyen Quang City (Urban area category III) and 6 districts named Son Duong, Yen Son, Ham Yen, Chiem Hoa, Na Hang and Lam Binh.



Electricity: Tuyen Quang has the 110kV and 220kV transmission systems, intermediate transformer stations that ensure sufcient supply of power sources for production, business and daily life.

Water supply: Most townships, industrial parks and clusters, tourist areas have the clean water supply and wastewater drainage systems in service of daily life and production activities.

Communication systems: the cutting-edge telecommunications network is connected among 06 districts and cities of the province and to the whole country and the world. Tuyen Quang has 04 mobile phone operators which meet the needs of people and businesses.

Commercial and tourism services: Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, recreational centers can respond to our dear customers’ needs



The commercial bank branches, credit and fnancial institutions that are operating in the province can defnitely respond to the needs of capital for production and business activities of investors such as loans, money transfers, payment, guarantees ... with the fastest time through modern electronic systems



Health system in Tuyen Quang has evolved towards socialization or leveraging private resources, in which the State health plays a pivotal role with a focus on proactive prevention; in depths in quality improvements of health services, combining traditional with modern medicing in an effort to generate opportunities for all citizens to be entitled to basic health care and protection in association with the ever increased quality. Currently, the province has fve provincial hospitals, 9 district hospitals, 11 regional health stations, 144 health facilities, with 2,354 patient beds. The province has 01 university; 01 college; 02 secondary professional schools; 06 district vocational training centers. The pool of trainers are capable of meeting the requirements of education and training.



Tuyen Quang possesses abundant sources of labour which can basically respond to the need of labour for investment projects in the province. Tuyen Quang always puts a high premium on the role of organisations, businesses in opening vocational training institutions, universities to strengthen the capacity for self-training of human resources and to contribute to supplying manpower for the labour market, especially the key/leading-edge professions..



Tuyen Quang possesses plenty of conditions for good development of various forms of tourism: Tan Trao historical site, a Special National Relic for tourism to the roots; Na Hang Ecotourism Site, which is home to mammoth primeval forests associated with more than 8000 ha of Tuyen Quang hydropower lake, featured with breathtaking caves and landscapes;

My Lam mineral stream tourism site with sources of hot spring of up to 70OC, which is the best and unique mineral water mine in the North of Vietnam. They constitute great potentials for resort tourism growth. In addition, Tuyen Quang has a large range of traditonal communal houses, temples and pagodas which are famous for their sanctity. Tuyen Quang has become the preferred destination for local and foreign tourists. Tuyen Quang prioritises the urge for investment projects in tourism and key services that highlight strengths of the province such as sightseeing, entertainment, recreation, relaxation, therapeutical treatment and healing, ecotourism, investment in construction of high-end tourism complexes, golf courses, 5-star hotels, etc.



Tuyen Citadel festival has been certifed by Viet Nam Guinness Book of Records as the biggest festival in Viet Nam having the most unique patterns of Mid-Autumn lanterns. The annual festival has attracted ten thousands of tourists to the province, creating a beacon of tourism for the province, stimulating the ever developing tourism industry and services.

Long Tong Festival (or crop praying festival) is the largest festival of the Tay People, which takes place during the frst lunar month in different districts of Tuyen Quang Province. The associated activities are god worshipping, buffalo fghting, con throwing, etc. The festival is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage, contributing to tourism development and spiritual life improvement of the ethnic peoples in the province.

Ha Temple Festival is organized from the 11th to the 16th of the second lunar month every year in Tuyen Quang City; This occasion includes the Procession of the Mother Goddess coupled with the unicorn dance with music band followed by the old and Notables, festival practitioners and tourisms from elsewhere. 


Inforgraphic of some key transportation routes connected to Tuyen Quang




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