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The raw material area: has been assigned to afforestation yards and households

THE RAW MATERIAL AREA: The total area of forestry land is 441,755 hectares (of which 269,820 hectares are production forests; 125,401 hectares protection forests, and 46,537 hectares speacial-use forests).

Production forests are mainly dedicated to growing Acacia, Manglietia glauca and Ficus religiosa plants to serve the industry of wood processing. The annual logging output of over 660,000 m3(accounting for more than 23% of the logging output of the region, making Tuyen Quang one of the leading provinces in logging output in the region) puts Tuyen Quang among 3 provinces with the largest logging output in the Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region with the capacity of providing more than 1,000,000 m3 of wood per annum for the wood processing industry.

GOALS: Increasing forest coverage with a view to ensuring environmental security, mitigating natural disasters, increasing capacity for water generation, and preserving genetic resources and biodiversity.

Making effective use of vacant lands, barren hills and mountains to create jobs for workers to serve the purpose of poverty reduction, fxed cultivation and settlement, increasing incomes for residents of rural and mountainous areas, stabilizing politics, society, national defense and security, especially in border areas.

Providing woods as materials for paper and deck production and meeting demands in timber, frewood and other forestry products for domestic consumption and export.

Developing the industry of forest product processing to turn the forestry into an important economy, contributing to socio-economic development in mountainous areas.

SOCIAL - ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Mobilizing social resources to production and development and making connections in selling the products to increase the sales price, quality, values of the wooden products to guarantee the stable sales.

Creating jobs for locals.

Making contributions to socio-economic development, economic growth and making a shift in economic structure to industrialization and modernization.

Making contributions to the State’s Budget


The Resolution No. 16-NQ/TU dated May 22, 2016 of the Provincial Party’s Executive Committee (the XVI term) on agricultural commodity development in the 2016-2025 period;

The Decision No. 295/QD-UBND dated September 07, 2016 of the Provincial People’s Committee on the approval of the Scheme on enhancing productivity and efciency of forestation in Tuyen Quang Province in the 2016-2020 period;

The Decisions No. 162, 163, 164, 165 dated May 26, 2016 of the Provincial People’s Committee on the approval of the Scheme on arranging, innovating and developing to increase the efciency in the operation of forestry single-member limited companies in Tuyen Quang.


The Decision No. 38/2016/QD-TTg dated September 14, 2016 of the Prime Minister on the promulgation of a number of policies for forest protection and development, and investment in infrastructure and assignment of community work to agricultural and forestry companies

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