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Sunday, 30/6/2019 - 16:00

Visiting Lam Binh, it is so poetic listening to the sound of the jungles and the old stories about cotton farming and weaving, as well as boating on an ecological lake, joining Long Tong Festival and Fire Jumping Festival, or enjoying bowls of traditional noodle soup of Tay ethnic minority people, duck eggs and natural vegetables, and sipping glasses of fermented corn wine by the kitchen floor at the homestay houses on stilts.


Long Tong festival in Lam Binh district 2018 attracts tourists. Photo: Hong Linh


In order to fully tap into local potential and strengths, local authorities have implemented numerous measures under the motto of tourism development associated with the preservation of cultural identities of ethnic groups, focusing on the protection and promotion of the values of traditional festivals. The district has also paid great attention to building and developing tourism products with high potential and advantages, particularly hydropower tourism, eco-tourism and community-based tourism.


Fire Jumping festival of Pa Then ethnic minorities in Thuong Minh village, Hong Quang commune


Tich Dien festival of Tay ethnic minorities


Lam Binh district has 10 ethnic groups living together. The values of their traditional culture have been preserved and promoted, becoming a driving force for the district's socio-economic development in the past. Cultural festivals, such as Long Tong festival in Lang Can Commune, the Fire jumping Festival in Hong Quang Commune, folk songs and folk dances, as well as traditional occupations such as noodle making, cotton farming and weaving, have been maintained and developed. The system of houses on stilts has been preserved, creating favourable conditions for Lam Binh to form “homestay” tourism.

The whole district currently has 15 households providing homestay services in Na Dong and Na Tong villages of Thuong Lam communes, Na Muong village of Khuon Ha commune and Nam Dip village of Lang Can commune. The number of visitors choosing homestay tourism increased from over 200 visitors of 25 delegations in 2006 to over 29,000 visitors in 2018.


Danh Yen (similar to batmington playing) is held at Long Tong festival


Typical agricultural products of Lam Binh district are sold at Long Tong festival of Lam Binh district 2018


Spanish tourist lives with local people in Thuong Minh village, Hong Quang commune


Lam Binh is blessed with many beautiful landscapes, especially the 99 mountains of Thuong Lam commune. Visitors to the localities will surely be pleased with yachting activities and kayak trips on the lakes while wearing traditional costumes of ethnic minorities, and enjoying the sweet and passionate songs of traditional folk art forms, namely “Then”, “Coi” and “Pao Dung”. The district has also developed its products of strength such as Lam Binh duck eggs, a popular kind of vegetable named “bo khai” (erythropalum scandens), the noodle soup of Tay ethnic people, fish and Tho Binh goat meat, which bring interesting experiences and discovery to tourists.



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