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Sunday, 18/8/2019 - 18:36

As a socio-economic centre of Tuyen Quang province, Tuyen Quang city has implemented a number of mechanisms and policies, in addition to constantly improving its business and investment environment to attract large enterprises to invest in its major projects, opening up opportunities to develop the province’s infrastructure to be worthy of being a second-class city by 2020.

 The city has completed the building of a project on the adjustment of the city’s planning until 2020, with a vision to 2030, and completed the detailed planning of wards and An Truong commune at the rate of 1/2000 in 2018. Furthermore, the city has adjusted 25 planning projects and completed the review of other planning projects in its localities, which is expected to act as a foundation to attract investment, particularly creating land funds to carry out investment projects.



An Tuong ECO Investment and Construction Co., Ltd is carrying out the hi-tech agricultural production and

ecological services projects in An Tuong commune, Tuyen Quang city.


A series of large enterprises and corporations have run effective projects in the city including Muong Thanh Group with the operation of Muong Thanh Hotel and VinGroup Group with the construction of Vincom Shophouse. The city is currently creating conditions for other corporations to implement their projects including DABACO Group Joint Stock Company with the hi-tech pig breeding project in Thai Long and Doi Can communes covering an area of over 20ha, TH Group with the dairy factory in An Khang commune on an area of about 40ha, FLC Group with the investment in the construction of an eco-tourism area in Thai Long commune, the Viet My urban area project in Tan Quang and Phan Thiet wards, the petrol trade and service project by Tuyen Quang-based Viet Nhat Co., Ltd. and others.
An Tuong ECO Investment and Construction Co., Ltd has begun its hi-tech agricultural production and ecological services project in An Tuong commune. Director of An Tuong ECO Pham Van Tuyen said that the project aims to effectively utilise the land potential and apply modern science and technology to the production of clean agricultural products to meet consumption demand, while creating a modern landscape and bringing about economic and social efficiency.
The project covers an area of 20 ha, including 15ha used for the high-tech agricultural production zone. About 7-9ha of an existing lake will be renovated for clean aquaculture and 4-5ha will be used to build a greenhouse system, vegetable processing area, and fruit planting area. The remaining 4-5ha of the project will provide ecological services including a mini football ground, a golf course, a four-season swimming pool, restaurants, an eco-service system, and models of Vietnamese rural villages. The ecological services area also includes a campus serving the operations of fishing, fitness, and high-class sports clubs.
The project has an investment of VND120 billion and will be built in An Hoa 1 and Hung Kieu 3 hamlets in An Tuong commune. In its first phase, the project will conduct land clearance, the renovation of two lakes, and the construction of a greenhouse system, a mini football ground, and a golf course.
The Viet My Villas urban area project in Tan Quang and Phan Thiet wards is invested in by Viet My JSC (VMI) on an area of more than 7.3ha. The project includes 37 plots of single villas with an area of 200m2 to 400m2 each. The villas are located on Ly Thai To Street which is expected to be expanded to a 36.5 m street, the most beautiful street in Tuyen Quang city.
The investor also use up to 18,000 m2 of land to build a high-class commercial and entertainment centre which will include the biggest event organisation centre in Tuyen Quang with a capacity of up to 2,000 people, a modern outdoor swimming pool, and others to jointly create a mini eco-resort within the centre of the city.


In the near future, the city will continue to fulfil the planning and adjustment of land use in accordance with the local development requirements and proposals of investors.
Source: en.baotuyenquang.com.vn


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