Tuyen Quang fully exploits huge potential of agricultural tourism

Wednesday, 14/8/2019 - 09:00

Tourism in rural areas has become more significant in the tourism industry. The diversity of beautiful farms, landscape, people and culture in Tuyen Quang makes the province such an appealing destination for tourists.

 Bridge across Gam river in a highland commune of Na Hang district


Agricultural tourism - Opportunity to increase farmers' income


Agricultural tourism is defined as a tourism service based mainly on the process of agricultural production. Nowadays, there are many definitions of agricultural tourism, but always include 4 elements: a combination of tourism and agriculture; attracting tourists to visit agricultural activities; help increasing farmers' income; creating opportunities for visitors to come close to the nature and experience the life of local farmers.


Terraced fields in Hong Thai (Na Hang)
Photo: Quang Minh


There is a special feature of agricultural tourism, which is a unique combination of natural values and traditional culture in villages. Thus, the development of agricultural tourism has an effect of preserving physical and intangible cultural heritage.


Taiwan, a country used to have the same agricultural conditions as Vietnam's, is recently described as one of the most ideal model for agricultural tourism. Agriculture in Taiwan had recorded a significant change after being associated with tourism. Hence, their farmers' income has increased dramatically thanks to private tourism sectors. Income from the same area of agricultural land increased by an average of 4 to 16 times compared to traditional agriculture.


Agriculture tourism is being developed by a lot of provinces throughout the country. Some of the typical tours can be listed as Duong Lam ancient village (Hanoi), Moc Chau farm (Son La), Tra Que vegetable village (Quang Nam), Dalat farming (Lam Dong), garden in the Mekong Delta, etc.


Potentials need to be fully exploited


Tourists experience the life of the Tay people in Lam Binh
Photo: Manh Cuong

Tourists will be surely impressed with the long tea hills in My Lam and My Bang; pomelo gardens, large persimmon gardens in Xuan Van and Phuc Ninh (Yen Son); Vietnamese green orange gardens in Phu Luu, Minh Dan, Yen Thuan, Yen Lam (Ham Yen), etc.

Every tourist would feel intriguing when they experience dishes and services of agriculture tourism in Na Hang and Lam Binh. Delicious local dishes like corn wine, fermented meat, dry buffalo meat; picturesque terraced fields in Hong Thai; homestay services at stilt houses in Lang Can, Khuon Ha, Thuong Lam; boating on excursions and enjoying the famous fish food on the sea of Tuyen Quang hydropower lake… were an unforgettable memory for every tourist.


"The provincial government is making efforts in coordinating travel companies with localities in order to open some tours, such as orange planting areas in Ham Yen, ecological lakes to raise Cage fish in Na Hang, tea production areas in Yen Son, Son Duong, etc. If these tours are carried out professionally, this will create a great attraction for tourists, contributing to creating unique tourism in Tuyen Quang" – said Le Thanh Son, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Tourists experience the life of the Tay people in Lam Binh
Photo: Manh Cuong


Agricultural tourism is not only a new direction for tourism in Tuyen Quang province but also a new opportunity for farmers to become wealthy in their own villages. Thus, the advantages need to be exploited to create distinct and outstanding values of agriculture and rural areas, while contributing to preserving and promoting traditional cultural values, new rural construction ...


However, there are still many obstacles and unfinished work ahead. We need to answer the question that whether or not it is possible to exploit all the agriculture tourism potentials. There is a fact that agricultural tourism is now largely spontaneous, small, unattractive and lack of professionalism in tourism services of farmers. Moreover, infrastructure and auxiliary facilities in agricultural tourist sites have not been properly invested and ensured quality, etc.



The center mission of developing agriculture tourism is how to exploit its potential. Some suitable solutions were proposed such as developing typical agricultural tourism products in each locality and region; strengthening propaganda and promotion; promotion of rural tourism; increase the linkage between state management agencies, farmers, and travel businesses.


(Source: http://baotuyenquang.com.vn)

Translated by Quang Thuan

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