Restaurants, hotels ready to serve tourists

Thursday, 22/8/2019 - 10:21

Local restaurants and hotels in the northern province of Tuyen Quang have prepared the best conditions to welcome tourists to the Thanh Tuyen Festival and the Festival of National Intangible Cultural Heritage, which are scheduled to take place in Tuyen Quang city from September 12 - 14 (the 14th to 16th days of lunar August).


Mai Son hotel provides training for its employees to better serve tourists at the Thanh Tuyen Festival 2019.


Since August, visitors have begun to book rooms and catering services to enjoy the Thanh Tuyen Festival. To create a good impression for visitors to the festival, local restaurants and hotels have prepared their best conditions to serve customers while renewing their operations and improving the quality of customer services. All hotels will not be increasing prices of their services, while ensuring their quality, during the festival.

The Thanh Tuyen Festival has become a trademark of Tuyen Quang province and an attractive destination for a large number of tourists. Hotels and restaurants in Tuyen Quang city play as a bridge to attract visitors to the festival.



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