Tour and experience in Tuyen Quang

Thursday, 22/8/2019 - 14:43

Five experience tours were organised by the collaboration between Tuyen Quang City's Division of Culture and Information and the Ancient Motorbike Lovers Association (AMLA) nationwide earlier this year.


Members from AMLA take part in tour and experience in Tuyen Quang.


More than 800 tourists took part in the tours to discover the beauty of the landscape, visit the historic sites, enjoy the local cuisine and experience living like the local residents. It is expected that on the occasion of Thanh Tuyen Festival and the National Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage 2019, AMLA will meet with its members and take part in three experience tours in Tuyen Quang province. The tourism activity on the occasion will be also one of the linking activities supporting Tuyen Quang City's the tourism propaganda campaign.



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