Tuyen Quang stabilizes raw material areas for the processing industry

Saturday, 24/8/2019 - 09:00

According to a report of the Agriculture and Villages department, Tuyen Quang is one of the top provinces that have the most amount of raw material products in the Northern mountainous region. However, raw materials, especially high-quality materials, have not yet satisfied the demand of the processing industry.

There are approximately 8.800 ha of tea trees, 8.000 ha of sugarcane and more than 200.000 ha plantation jungle had been planned in Tuyen Quang province on the purpose of developing processing industry. At the present, about 4.000 ha (4.5% of the total area of tea) of tea were recognized by VietGAP and about 19.000 ha of forest (10% of the total area of plantation forest) was certificated by FSC.


Collecting tea materials for the processing industry.

My Lam Tea Join stock company is the biggest company producing tea exports in the province. Deputy Director of the company Tran Quoc Van said the company had been approved to establish a raw material area in Tuyen Quang. The company owns 435 ha of tea plantations, including 385 ha located in Tuyen Quang province, the rest is in Yen Bai and Phu Tho province.


However, the recent raw products were not enough. According to a report, most companies in Tuyen Quang have to find more sources from local households. The main reason is low productivity and low quality of some tea plantations.

To solve that problem, the province allowed some companies to put their factories in the center of material plantations. As a result, Tuyen Quang Woodland Joint Stock Company has been placed 4 factories in Yen Son district in the area of 80,000 ha plantations.


The province will keep supporting enterprises and individuals with high-quality forests of 7,000 ha/year; granting FSC certification for 10,000 hectares of production forest/year; strive to have 35,000 ha high quality seedlings by 2025; 70,000 ha of FSC forest.


The province continues to implement the Scheme on stabilizing raw tea areas, replace old tea gardens by high-quality hybrid tea varieties; expand the area of safe-and-cleaned raw materials for tea products. 

Translated by Quang Thuan 

Source: (http://www.baotuyenquang.com.vn/)

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