Son Duong concretes dike routes

Tuesday, 10/9/2019 - 11:11

Son Duong district has mobilised resources to invest in upgrading key dike routes along Lo River, aiming to ensure traffic safety and fix degradation of several dike sections.


The Dong Tho - Quyet Thang route goes into operation to meet the travel needs of local people.


The district’s dike system is mostly earth roads which have been built long ago. Having suffered from flooding and landslides, the dike surface has subsided and been damaged, potentially threatening traffic safety. Some sections are severely eroded, cutting off traffic routes and affecting people's lives.


Facing such a situation, the district has extracted its budget to build several bypasses to provide an alternative routes, avoiding sections that suffer from dangerous landslides. In Xa Huong hamlet in Dong Tho commune, the district authorities built an 800 m concrete bypass, measuring 20 cm thick and 3.5 m wide. From the supported State budget, the district is carrying out the construction for the 4.6 km Van Son - Phu Thu (Doan Hung) road, which meets the standards for Grade IV roads in mountainous areas. The road is currently under construction and will be completed later in 2019.


The 5.5 km dike route from Dong Tho commune to Quyet Thang commune has just been completed and put into use in early August, with a total investment of over VND9.5 billion sourced from the Stated funding for remedies of damage caused by floods, flash floods, and landslides, thus facilitating the local people's travel needs.


Up to now, from various sources, Son Duong district has repaired, upgraded and reinforced 26 km of dike roads with a total investment of over VND85 billion.


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