Tuyen Quang city is on the way to become a grade-II city

Saturday, 21/9/2019 - 09:52

It is a big challenge for Tuyen Quang to be recognized as a grade-II city by 2020. Therefore, under the direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, Tuyen Quang City authority has implemented a number of solutions to achieve the goal on time.


Pursuant to Resolution No. 1210/2016 / UBTVQH13, dated 25/5/2016 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on "Urban Classification", there are total 59 criteria of a class-II city that a city in the territory of Vietnam must meet. Currently, Tuyen Quang city has satisfied 50 criteria with an average score of 69.23 / 100 points. Thus, there are 09 more criteria and 5.77 points that the city needs to work towards if it wants to become a grade-II city.



Overview of Tuyen Quang city. Photo: Quoc Viet.


The missing criteria include some low indicators as follows: income per capita; population of the whole urban area (97,328 / 200,000 people); urban population (57,707 people / 100,000 people); annual population growth rate (0.88% / 1.4%), population density, treated wastewater and urban planning.


There are three main key factors that have to be achieved if the city becomes a grade-II city: economy, population, and infrastructure construction.


Tuyen Quang’s economy has changed significantly in recent years. The tourism industry, especially spiritual tourism and festivals, have gradually made Tuyen Quang “one of a kind” place to visit. In addition, agriculture has developed in the field of enormous agricultural cultivation which provides plenty of good quality agricultural products.


Building infrastructure, which is one of the most important missions, is showing a bright prospect. The current appearance of large corporations, namely Vingroup, FLC, etc and the attraction of ODA capital have created a crucial motivation for the development of the province. Currently, VinGroup has been building a project that drawed a lot of attention of public: The Project of entertainment and resort area at My Lam Mineral Spring Resort.


Regarding the population criteria, according to Plan No. 37 / KH-UBND dated April 23, 2018, of the Provincial People's Committee on “adjusting legal documents and administrative boundaries”, Tuyen Quang city will merge Doi Can commune Tan Binh commune (Yen Son) to establish Doi Can ward; 2 new wards, An Tuong and My Lam, will be established.


The target of becoming a grade-II city is coming closer thanks to the determination of the Party and Government.

Translation: Phuong Thao

Source: (http://doingoai.tuyenquang.gov.vn)

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