Launching campaign "Make the planet a cleaner place"

Saturday, 28/9/2019 - 09:10

On September 27, as an act to proactively respond to the “Make the planet a cleaner place” campaign, Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the People's Committee of Na Hang district organized a meeting to call for environmental protection.


Distribute environmentally friendly bags to Na Hang residents.

At the rally, the department called on the district’s political system to raise awareness about the important of protecting environment; abandoning littering and polluting waste into village roads, alleys, canals, ditches; not using disposable plastic products; actively planting more trees at home, cultural houses, residential quarters, school, etc.


After the ceremony, the Youth Union members of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment distributed 1,450 environmentally friendly bags to people and small businesses in Na Hang town market area.

Translated by Quang Thuan

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