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Tour and experience in Tuyen Quang

Five experience tours were organised by the collaboration between Tuyen Quang City's Division of Culture and Information and the Ancient Motorbike Lovers Association (AMLA) nationwide earlier this year.

Thứ 5, 22/8/2019

Service facilities ready for Festival and Junket

In order to serve tourists taking part in the Thanh Tuyen Festival and the National Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2019, the Division of Culture and Information of Yen Son district has compiled a list of all existing service facilities in the region.

Thứ 5, 22/8/2019

Lam Binh develops tourism in association with environmental protection

Lam Binh is blessed with favorable conditions for eco-tourism, experiential tourism, adventure tourism and community tourism. Along with tourism development, the district always focuses on environmental protection for sustainable development.

Thứ 5, 22/8/2019

Tuyen Quang fully exploits huge potential of agricultural tourism

Tourism in rural areas has become more significant in the tourism industry. The diversity of beautiful farms, landscape, people and culture in Tuyen Quang makes the province such an appealing destination for tourists.

Thứ 4, 14/8/2019

Diverse tours available for festival season

A large number of tours have been extensively made with the aim of exploiting the richness of historical and spiritual culture, attractive cuisine, exciting festivals, especially the Tuyen Quang Festival and National Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance in 2019.

Thứ 7, 10/8/2019

Stunning beautiful sceneries of Tuyen Quang

Plenty of tourists had decided to return to Tuyen Quang province after being first impressed with the magnificent, charming beauty of Na Hang and Lam Binh (Tuyen Quang), where are described as a masterpiece painted canvas.

Thứ 3, 6/8/2019

ATK ethic groups (Yen Son district) preserve the traditional costumes

Traditional clothing has accompanied humans for a long time and become an indispensable part of social life. If traditional costumes have no longer exist or fall into oblivion, it will a loss of value of culture, religion and spiritual values of ethical identity. Even...

Thứ 5, 1/8/2019

Attracting investment from private businesses into tourism

Over the past decade, My Lam Mineral Spring Resort has attracted investment from seven private businesses. The site welcomed around 120,000 visitors in 2018, and the figure surpassed 50,000 in the first half of this year.

Chủ nhật, 30/6/2019

Amazing destination

Visiting Lam Binh, it is so poetic listening to the sound of the jungles and the old stories about cotton farming and weaving, as well as boating on an ecological lake, joining Long Tong Festival and Fire Jumping Festival, or enjoying bowls of traditional noodle soup...

Chủ nhật, 30/6/2019

Plan OrganisingThanhTuyen Festival and National Intangible Cultural Heritage Demonstration Festival 2019

Date: September 12-14 in TuyenQuang city, TuyenQuang province.

Chủ nhật, 30/6/2019

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